A playwright friend of mine commissioned me to draw the logo/banner for his new play. Using concepts from the piece, I devised the work below. Central to the plot is a conflict of two musical students who must perform together a piece that challenges both their musical skills and their backgrounds. Elana, a dashing young woman, has romantic interests in David her musical partner who sees Elana as a threat to his firm orthodox Jewish laws and traditions. How and if the two work past their differences to play this musical piece unfolds brilliantly in Larry Rinkel’s A KREUTZER SONATA. Showing at the Manhattan Rep, Tuesday March 7, 6:30PM and Sunday March 12, 3:00PM. Link: http://manhattanrep.com/




Two good friends of mine recently got married, joining their lives together as a beautiful pair. For their wedding present, I made them this drawing. The beauty of the rose is alluring, so much that the thorns seem soft and maneuverable. Similarly is the love surrounding marriage, there will be difficult “thorny” spots whilst living with someone but the beauty of the rose outshines it all. A small prick is nothing compared to the strength love offers.


Rose VIII, Yaakov Bressler, 6×8, 2016. Polyacrylic Resin on Paper.