Butterfly (Prototype A -E)

Some art is better than none. I have been busy but here is the elaborate doodles that morphed into fuller drawings.
Yes, you can and should expect similar types of drawings coming along.

No, these are not “pieces” because I just don’t like em’ enough to name em’ and frame em’.

Here are the butterflies.




Faces II

So it turns out that I really enjoy making “Faces.” I have been, and will be, trying to combine features of beauty with that of¬†¬†disfigurement. Stay tuned and you can be sure to expect more faces…


Q: What is her nicest feature?

Q: What is her worst?

Q: Which did you notice first?

Faces II

Faces II, Yaakov Bressler, 5 x 7, 2013. Ink on Paper.