A playwright friend of mine commissioned me to draw the logo/banner for his new play. Using concepts from the piece, I devised the work below. Central to the plot is a conflict of two musical students who must perform together a piece that challenges both their musical skills and their backgrounds. Elana, a dashing young woman, has romantic interests in David her musical partner who sees Elana as a threat to his firm orthodox Jewish laws and traditions. How and if the two work past their differences to play this musical piece unfolds brilliantly in Larry Rinkel’s A KREUTZER SONATA. Showing at the Manhattan Rep, Tuesday March 7, 6:30PM and Sunday March 12, 3:00PM. Link: http://manhattanrep.com/




Two good friends of mine recently got married, joining their lives together as a beautiful pair. For their wedding present, I made them this drawing. The beauty of the rose is alluring, so much that the thorns seem soft and maneuverable. Similarly is the love surrounding marriage, there will be difficult “thorny” spots whilst living with someone but the beauty of the rose outshines it all. A small prick is nothing compared to the strength love offers.


Rose VIII, Yaakov Bressler, 6×8, 2016. Polyacrylic Resin on Paper.

Fluffy Fred Likes Coffee

Inspired by a piece of Miami street art, I spent some time over vacation drawing Fluffy Fred and his coffee because in case you haven’t read the title, Fluffy Fred indeed likes his coffee a lot.

In Fluffy Fred Likes Coffee a cute overweight ape-like man in a fluff suit holds a cup of coffee amidst an off-white background. The combination of sophisticated mannerisms (the coffee & stylish fluff-suit) with guileless complacency (the iodiot-like smug smirk, overweight physique, un-buttoned fluff suit, & wild hair) cast scrutiny and cynicism for western urban cultural values.


Fluffy Fred Like Coffee, Yaakov Bressler 8.5 x 11, 2016. Ink on Paper.



Below is the original street art which I based the drawing of. Note, I do not know who to credit it to so I credited to the neighborhood I saw it in.

File_001 copy

Title not known, seen at Wynwood Miami. March 2016.

Jewish Art Now presents Breath/Breadth Group Exhibition at Brooklyn College Hillel

March 7, 2013

Interactive art
Video Art

Photo booth
+ Food & DJ all night!

2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY   11210

(718) 859-1151


The Hillel is located right off Flatbush Ave. by Brooklyn College (Near the Target). There’s a whole slew of trains and buses that run there so the transit shouldn’t be a problem.

The exhibition will be held downstairs, for all those who are terrified of windows. Truth be told, I’ve been down there and the ceiling is like fifteen feet high. No jokes. So if you’re claustrophobic. Come! It’s so spacious there!

They (The Hillel) haven’t told me yet if it will be a one night thing or a several week ordeal. But who cares. I’m only interested in being there the 7th. So you be there the 7th. Okay?

I have submitted these three pieces to the show:

Night Before the Shiur (Shown Below)

Last Rites of the Mathematician

Dreams Left Unsung

These pieces have been exhibited in Solace in the Margins, so if you’re looking for “The New Stuff” you’ll just have to wait. Sorry chum.

Come on March 7th, for a Thursday night of art and inspiration. I look forward to seeing you all there.

And if you’re getting worried because i haven’t posted any new stuff up yet. Hang on tight. It’s coming. Soon. http://www.jewishartnow.com/2013/02/08/breathbreadth-bchillel/


-Yaakov Bressler