Two good friends of mine recently got married, joining their lives together as a beautiful pair. For their wedding present, I made them this drawing. The beauty of the rose is alluring, so much that the thorns seem soft and maneuverable. Similarly is the love surrounding marriage, there will be difficult “thorny” spots whilst living with someone but the beauty of the rose outshines it all. A small prick is nothing compared to the strength love offers.


Rose VIII, Yaakov Bressler, 6×8, 2016. Polyacrylic Resin on Paper.


2 comments on “Rose VIII

  1. Kramer, Doniel Z. says:


    How are you doing?
    What are you doing this year?
    Still in Wash. Heights?

    Rabbi Doniel Z. Kramer, Ph.D., BCC, CH USAR (LTC) Ret.
    Jewish Chaplain
    VA Hudson Valley Healthcare System
    2094 Albany Post Rd., Bldg. 27 (Chapel)
    Montrose, NY 10548-0100
    (914) 737-4400, ext. 3735
    Personal e-mail:

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